An Honest Review of The Reverse Dieting Book

The Reverse Dieting ebook is an excellent guide, that brings you on track from fat loss programs, gets your calories up and keeps your metabolism in check while cutting down on your fat at the same time. This book will completely change the way you look at fitness and transform your life for good. The most interesting aspect about it is simply the fact that it practices a concept called reverse dieting. Right now, many of you must be wondering what reverse dieting is all about. Well, this is simply a concept propagated by Sohee Lee and Layne Norton, who come to be a reputed health coach and fitness writer.

The book comes with a complete insight on this reverse dieting method, a weight loss plan that advises you to eat breakfast for your dinner meals and dinner for your breakfast meals simply in order to cut down on those extra pounds. It switches your meals and aims to put an end to the regular yo-yo cycle of dieting enthusiasts. This effect is highly undesirable and can be termed as the rapid weight gain which many dieters experience right after they try the weight loss diets. It particularly refers to those conditions where you body sways to and fro like a yoyo finally resulting in your end body weight being greater than the weight you had started out with.

About the authors

Sohee Lee, the author of this book is a leading fitness enthusiast, athlete and writer. She had come up with this book in order to bring similar other fitness freaks, a step closer to a proper weight regime. She had co-written this book with Layne Norton, who too is a health coach. Both of them compiled scientific data with their personal experience in order to come up with a book that consistently helps in losing weight.

The book is written with a very personal approach, and it gives you a complete step by step guideline for losing weight by following the reverse dieting method. It includes scientific data on diet failures, overshooting of body fat, weight cycling and even the adaptation of a new metabolic regime. There’s also ample information that helps you to mitigate the negative effects of dieting. Both the writers spent their heart and soul on coming up with the book. Not only did they take note of the facts, but further ensured that it shed proper light on the diet enthusiast’s psychology. Together they have presented information that is absolutely not vague, but is rather, clear, concise, backed by scientific data and incredibly entertaining. Being your fitness coach, they aim to provide you with the right tools that will help you make a proper and consistent commitment to fitness while living a good and healthy life.

According to the authors, they had created this product because they were aware of the pain and pangs associated with weight gain. Furthermore, they were also aware of what it felt to suddenly end your diet and have no concise idea about the following steps to be taken. They too have experienced bulking up at seemingly small deadlines and have therefore come up with a solution which mitigates this issue. Both of them admit to making countless mistakes and they have thus co written this book, so that none make the same mistakes as them. The book does not touch relatively unrelated concepts vaguely. Rather, it explains each and every concept so that the dieters are absolutely sure about the steps that they are willing to take.

How does the concept of reverse dieting work?

After a considerably long period of dieting, the metabolism of your body slows down and eventually falls into a state of hibernation. In order to boost the metabolism levels once again, the dieting enthusiast can slowly increase the intake of calories to get started with the very first dieting position.

For example, if a dieter has 900 kcal deficits, they should add about 150 kcal every week for attaining their coveted goal in a 6 week period of their diet regime. Thus, the intake of calories in their diet should be slowly and eventually increased over a given time span.

Once you do this, your body’s metabolism will be in speed and the increase of calories will result in minimal gain of fat. Although it might apparently seem weird for suggesting dieters to purposely increase the intake of calories for losing weight, many followers of this weight loss plan have actually enjoyed a significant loss of weight while increasing the intake of calories.

An excellent example for this case can be Heidi Skolnik, a nutritionist by profession, who supposedly loss about 172 pounds in as less as nine months by following this regime. On top of that, several scientific reports and news have also proven that reverse dieting is a healthy and safe diet plan with several added benefits. Primarily, it restores the metabolism of your system, resuscitates your hormonal health, increases the mass of your muscles, minimizes your fat gain content and finally prepares your system for the loss of fat. Although the diet is not exactly perfect, yet it continues to have several testimonials and positive feedback because of the several benefits it comes with. Most clients have been massively satisfied with the book because it suggests reverse dieting in an extremely simple and easy way. The step by step guidelines are not vague or superficial, but are detailed accounts of the fitness enthusiasts who have tried and successfully benefited from the diet.

Benefits of reverse dieting

This diet is highly effective as it encourages the dieters to take their meals in the morning. This in turn further ensures that your metabolism gets a kick start, which further results in better and quicker burning of calories.

With a full meal in the morning, your daily hunger pangs will be reduced for the rest of the day. You will have less, cravings and lesser calories.

The light diet which is recommended here aids in better digestion and sleep.

It further encourages you to work-out for more effectiveness.

The diet has been proven to restore your metabolism levels and keep a proper balance of the hormonal levels.

It reportedly aids in the building of muscles and minimizes fat gain.

This diet is extremely healthy for your body and helps in quicker and easier fat loss in the long run.

Considering all these facts, remember, that is not exactly a weight loss program that guarantees weight loss in a stipulated period of time. If you’re looking for a diet to balance your tummy, this is not the best stuff for you.

However, if your long term health is a primary priority for you and if you want to keep that metabolism level, perfectly balanced, then do give this a read.

Well, the authors too are aware of the fact that the entire idea of purposely eating more and more while checking your weighing scale go up isn’t really motivating. Right now, you might be wondering, why of all things should I do this? But believe me, this exactly is the best solution if you are looking to lose weight while keeping your health under check at the same time. If you’re someone who has hit the gym too many times and have cut down on food portions like never before with no visible results, reverse dieting is exactly what you need. This is not merely because of the testimonials, but also because I personally recommend you to do so.

The basic and simple idea is that if you keep your body starving for long hours, after a point it will stop responding at all. So instead of cutting down your fat by following some diet, you can always do the same by tracking your food, chugging your water and squatting as much as you can. Eventually, your body won’t be able to hold those extra layers of flab.

Maybe you’ve been working too hard with no visible or having a feeling where it seems like you’re throwing your body against a strong wall of brick that never budges no matter what. Well, if you have similar thoughts, then its high time you give you body some break.

Yes. If you manage to be careful and calculated enough with every intake of food, many good things can happen to your body. You will feel much more motivated and bubbling with energy, you will hit the gym more than usual. By embracing the reverse diet you can actually bid a finally goodbye to those scanty food portions.

The book itself gives several examples and testimonials, one of which is from Samantha. When she started out, she had a height of 5’10, weight of 160 lbs and a waist length of 27 down. She tried following a regular diet for a couple of months. However, soon within a sometime, she started feeling groggy and tired with her motivation level being on the lower side. At that point of time, she switched her gears and tried the reverse dieting phase consistently for nine long months. Together with her coach and this book, she followed the nutrition program religiously and finally ended up with a fitter system, and a tad more slender frame. Unlike the previous regimes, she was no longer tired and was always bursting with energy to hit the gym.

Well, this was just Samantha’s story, but the book carries similar other motivating and inspiring testimonials that’ll prove how awesome the diet is and help you to maintain a proper level of fitness by following it.


What’s wrong with our regular diets?

Well, there are many red flags of our conventional diet regimes. Firstly, they do not incorporate sustainable methods for achieving the best results. Rather, they promise rapid results via extreme diet practices. With this, you definitely end up shedding your fat, but also pick it up quickly.

Secondly, these diets expect your life to revolve around the regime. Once you follow it, consider yourself bidding adieu to your social life and friendships.

Lastly, they don’t really tell you when to stop and get back to your old life.

Reverse dieting can therefore be your answer as it combines both physiology and psychology to come up with long-term weight loss.

What are you going to learn from this book?

This book not only gives you a detailed account of the reverse diet, but also plays a vital role in keeping your fitness regime in check. Here are a couple of things that you are likely to learn from the book.

  • Why different diets end up making you fat
  • The importance of paying attention and concentrating on the metabolic adaptation
  • A proper insight on the people who are likely to suffer from metabolic damage
  • Complete snippets on how your system’s psychology works when you follow a diet
  • What exactly happens to your hormones while following the diet regime
  • Why the metabolic adaption cannot be fixed by pushing through
  • How to set a proper baseline for the macros of reverse dieting
  • How to assess your diet regimes and make changes that impact your health
  • What exact kind of foods should you choose for reaching your goal
  • How to back up your fitness program with proper nutrition
  • How to motivate yourself for workouts and try the best exercises for reverse state cardio
  • When to end this dieting method
  • What results can you expect from this dieting
  • What should you do after completing the diet regime
  • What’s special about this book?

Well, what we found special about the reverse dieting book was its simplicity. Unlike other top notch guidelines for practicing diet regimes, this book came with the instructions in a relatively simple and uncomplicated manner. The book is backed by proper scientific data, extremely informative and also highly compelling to read. The language is simple, the diet practices given are easy and the testimonials coming with it motivates you to hit the diet more often and get started with this reverse dieting regime right away.

On a final note

Well, on a final note we would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking out to shed those, flab while ensuring your good health. Go for this book if you are looking out for a practicable diet method that helps you shed those pounds without taking a toll on your health.